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Inferno Plug-in


A preliminary release of Vita Nuova's Inferno Plug-in for Microsoft Internet Explorer for Windows is available for free download. This allows Inferno applications to be embedded in a web page and executed within the browser window.

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What is it for?

Apart from its uses in embedded systems, Inferno provides facilities for developing distributed applications which can be run on a wide range of platforms including Linux, Solaris, Plan 9 and Windows. Instead of end users having to install the whole Inferno system, this plug-in enables any Windows user to run an Inferno application by means of a one-off download of less than 1 Mb. Inferno binaries are both compact and platform-independent and can easily be downloaded on-the-fly.


The Plug-in is covered by the Inferno Binary and Limited Source Licence. This licence places no restrictions on how you distribute any software which you develop yourself: you can make such software freely available, or you can sell it for profit.

What Language is Used to Write Applications?

Inferno applications are written in Limbo, a simple, modular, C-like language which (unlike some object-oriented languages) is exceptionally easy to read and understand. Limbo has advanced built-in facilities for string handling, list manipulation and interprocess communication and synchronization.


Some browser plug-ins are notoriously insecure, allowing a rogue application to adversely affect the host PC by installing viruses or other undesirable software. In order to keep the Inferno plug-in secure, in this first version some restrictions are imposed on an Inferno application running as a plug-in. These are:
  1. No network connections can be made
  2. There is no access to local disk files.
Vita Nuova is working on ways of removing these restrictions whilst maintaining security, and a further announcement will follow shortly.

Getting Started

You can download the IE Plug-in now, or alternatively the first time you view a web page which requires the Plug-in, you will be asked if you wish to download it. The Plug-in is around 700Kb in size and may take a few minutes to download if you have a slow link.


A number of sample plug-in applications are provided, complete with all source code, and a full Introduction to the Inferno Plug-in is also available, including information on writing your own plug-in applications.

If you write an interesting program which is suitable for use as a plug-in sample, send it to us and we will include it on our web site. As usual, authors of accepted contributions will receive a free Inferno T-Shirt!

Known Issues with Internet Explorer 5

There are a few minor issues with text windows in IE 5:
  • Carriage Return characters appear in text windows.
  • Pressing the Backspace key in a text window is equivalent to clicking on the browser's Back button. A workaround is to use Control-Shift-H instead. Similarly, use Control-Shift-D for end-of-file.

Will Inferno Plug-ins be Available for Other Browsers?

We are intending to make a similar plug-in available for Netscape under Windows and Linux.


If you find any problems or have any other comments on the IE Plug-in, please email