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Inferno's Fourth Edition Download Contents

The downloaded distribution contains the full Inferno universe.
  • The Inferno operating system running in hosted mode for:
    • Windows (2000, XP, Vista, 7)
    • FreeBSD (x86)
    • Irix (mips)
    • Linux (x86)
    • MacOSX (power AND i386)
    • Solaris (sparc)
    • Plan 9 from Bell Labs
    which includes the Dis virtual machine, integral support for the Styx network protocol, and an implementation of the Tk user interface toolkit.
  • Source code for all of the applications and library modules (written in Limbo), including:
    • the Charon web browser,
    • the Acme integrating development environment,
    • the Limbo compiler written in Limbo,
    • the Yacc compiler-compiler,
    • the sh programmable shell,
    • plumbing support (similar to Plan 9's plumber),
    • many Unix-like tools: mv, cp, rm, xd, wc, grep, ps, diff, tr, man, ls ...
  • The contents of Volume 1 of the Inferno Programmer's Manual in Unix style man format.
  • Source code for the virtual machine and hosted Inferno (ie, source for emu)
  • Native and Inferno versions of the Limbo compiler for use inside and outside of Inferno and with which all of the applications and library modules can be compiled.
  • The Inferno suite of C cross-compilers for a variety of CPU architectures.
  • Source code for sample ports of native Inferno to PowerPC, ARM, x86, SPARC.

7 March 2012