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cpu - execute a remote command


cpu [ -C alg ] [net!]host [ command [ arg... ] ]


Cpu dials host (using network tcp if net is not given), exports the local namespace and executes the given command on that machine. The local namespace is visible to the command in /n/client; local device files are bound into the remote device directory. If command is not given, then /dis/sh is run.

The -C option sets the algorithm to be used following authentication for digesting or encryption, to alg. See ssl(3) for the supported algorithms. The default is none: ssl(3) is not used after authentication.




sys-dial(2), keyring-auth(2), security-auth(2)


Although the draw device files are visible to the remote command, the original implementation of Tk meant that windowing applications could not receive events when run remotely. That has been fixed in this release, but cpu has not yet been updated to take advantage. A later update will do that.

CPU(1 ) Rev:  Thu Feb 15 14:42:47 GMT 2007