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disdep - print load dependencies for Dis file


disdep [ -a ] [ -d ] [ -o ] [ -p ] [ -s ] file ...


Disdep reads each file, which must be a Dis object file, and finds all unique strings in it that end in .dis. It takes each such string as the name of a Dis file, and if the file exists, it does the same for it, and so on, recursively. It writes each unique name to the standard output. The result is a list of all statically-named Dis files that might be referenced by an application, typically as the operand of a Limbo load operator. Several options change or extend the output:

Print all names as they are encountered in the search, including duplicates.
Indent to show the dependency structure.
Show only the immediate (outermost) dependencies of each file.
Print the dependency relation as pairs: a file, a space, and the name of a file on which it depends. Only the the first name is printed when a file depends on no other. This format is useful as input to mk(10.1) dependency generators, or dependency graphing programs.
Include strings of the form "$[A-Z].*" on the assumption they are the names of system modules loaded by the application.






It cannot see file names that the program calculates.

DISDEP(1 ) Rev:  Thu Feb 15 14:42:47 GMT 2007