intro intro - introduction to hosted and native implementation
2a 0a, 1a, 2a, 5a, 6a, 7a, 8a, ka, qa, va - assemblers
2c 0c, 1c, 2c, 5c, 6c, 7c, 8c, kc, qc, vc - C compilers
2l 0l, 1l, 2l, 5l, 6l, 7l, 8l, kl, ql, vl - loaders
5coff 5coff - converter to coff format
5cv 5cv, mkppcimage, sqz - convert kernel executable to boot format
9load 9load, ld, 9pxeload - PC bootstrap program
a.out a.out - native kernel object file format
acid acid - debugger
allocb allocb, iallocb, freeb, freeblist, BLEN, blocklen, concatblock, copyblock, trimblock, packblock, padblock, pullblock, pullupblock, adjustblock, checkb - data block management
ar ar - archive (library) file format
atoi atoi, atol, charstod, strtod, strtol, strtoul, strtoll - convert text to numbers
c2l c2l - C to Limbo translator
conf conf - native and hosted kernel configuration file
delay delay, microdelay, addclock0link - small delays, clock interrupts
dev Dev - device driver interface
devattach devattach, devclone, devdir, devgen, devwalk, devdirread, devstat, devopen, devbread, devbwrite, devcreate, devremove, devwstat, devreset, devinit, devshutdown, openmode - common device driver support
dmainit dmainit, dmasetup, dmadone, dmaend, dmacount - platform-specific DMA support
dynld dynfindsym, dynfreeimport, dynloadfd, dynloadgen, dynobjfree, dyntabsize - load object file dynamically
error error, nexterror, poperror, waserror - error handling functions
eve eve, iseve - privileged user
getfields getfields, tokenize - break a string into fields
iar iar - archive and library maintainer
inb inb, ins, inl, outb, outs, outl, insb, inss, insl, outsb, outss, outsl - programmed I/O
inm inm - Inferno name list (symbol table)
intrenable intrenable, intrdisable - enable (disable) an interrupt handler
kbdputc kbdputc, kbdrepeat, kbdclock, kbdq - keyboard interface to fIcons\fP(3)
kproc kproc, setpri, swiproc, pexit - kernel process creation, priority change, interrupt and termination
kprof kprof - display kernel profiling data
ksize ksize - print size of kernel images
kstrip kstrip - remove symbols from kernel images
lock lock, canlock, ilock, iunlock, unlock - spin locks
malloc malloc, mallocz, smalloc, free, realloc, calloc - kernel memory allocators
master master, master.local - list of device specifiers
memory memccpy, memchr, memcmp, memcpy, memmove, memset - memory operations
mk mk - maintain (make) related files
ms2 ms2 - convert executable or raw file to Motorola S record format
newchan newchan, chanfree, cclose, eqqid, eqchan, isdir, fdtochan, namec - channel operations
ntsrv ntsrv - start hosted Inferno as Windows service
odbc ODBC - A Windows ODBC file server
panic panic - abandon hope
parsecmd parsecmd - parse device commands
plan9.ini plan9.ini - configuration file for PCs
print print, fprint, sprint, snprint, seprint, smprint, vfprint, vsnprint, vseprint, vsmprint - print formatted output
qio qio: qget, qdiscard, qconsume, qpass, qproduce, qcopy, qopen, qbread, qread, qbwrite, qwrite, qiwrite, qfree, qclose, qhangup, qreopen, qlen, qwindow, qcanread, qsetlimit, qnoblock, qflush, qfull - queued I/O for devices
qlock qlock, qunlock, canqlock, rlock, runlock, wlock, wunlock - serial synchronisation
readnum readnum, readstr - return values from read from device
ref Ref, incref, decref - reference counts
rune runetochar, chartorune, runelen, fullrune, utflen, utfrune, utfrrune, utfutf - rune/UTF conversion
seconds seconds, ticks, HZ, MS2HZ, MS2TK, TK2MS, TK2SEC - kernel times and time conversions
sleep sleep, wakeup, tsleep, return0 - process synchronisation
splhi splhi, spllo, splx, islo - enable and disable interrupts
srclist srclist - list source files used to build an executable
strcat strcat, strcmp, strncmp, strcpy, strncpy, strlen, strchr, strrchr, strdup, strstr - string operations
styx Fcall, convS2M, convD2M, convM2S, convM2D, fcallfmt, dirfmt, dirmodefmt, statcheck, sizeS2M, sizeD2M - interface to Inferno File protocol
styxserver Styxserver - C Styx server library
xalloc xalloc, xspanalloc, xfree - basic memory management