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ssl: connect, secret - interface to the Secure Sockets Layer


include "sys.m";
include "security.m";
ssl := load SSL SSL->PATH;

connect: fn(fd: ref Sys->FD): (string, ref Sys->Connection);
secret:  fn(c: ref Sys->Connection, secretin,
                secretout: array of byte): string;


SSL provides an interface to the secure sockets layer device ssl(3).

Connect allocates a new ssl(3) connection directory. It pushes file descriptor fd into the data file of that connection, and if successful, returns a reference to a Connection adt describing the connection. The Connection adt has its members set as follows: dir names the resulting connection directory; cfd is open on the connection's control file; and dfd is open on the connection's data file, which is read and written to exchange data on the original fd using SSL.

Secret sets the secrets for each direction on Connection c ; if a secret is nil, the existing setting for that direction remains unchanged. The string returned describes errors encountered, if any; otherwise it is nil.




security-auth(2), ssl(3)


Connect returns a tuple containing a string and a Connection reference. On success the string is nil, and the connection reference is not nil; on error, the string contains a diagnostic, and the connection reference is nil.

SECURITY-SSL(2 ) Rev:  Mon Mar 12 20:34:38 GMT 2007