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selectfile - file browser


include "selectfile.m";
selectfile := load Selectfile Selectfile->PATH;

init:        fn();
filename:	fn(ctxt: ref Draw->Context, parent: ref Draw->Image,
               title: string,
               pat: list of string,
               dir: string): string;


Selectfile provides an interactive file browser for use by a wm(1) application. It allows a user to browse the file system to select a file of a give type.

Init should be called once to initialise the module's internal state.

Filename makes a dialog panel for selecting a file. It is created in the graphics context ctxt, near the northeast corner of a given parent window, parent, represented by that window's Image. (If the parent window is a Tk Toplevel t, for instance, the appropriate value is t.image.) If parent is nil, the panel is centred on the screen. Dir gives the directory where the file search should begin. Only files that match pat are displayed. The returned string is the name of the selected file, or the empty string if no file was selected.




dialog(2), dividers(2), draw-context(2), tabs(2), tk(2), wmlib(2)

SELECTFILE(2 ) Rev:  Thu Feb 15 14:43:27 GMT 2007