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srv - network name and address translation when hosted


include "srv.m"
srv := load Srv Srv->PATH;
Srv: module
  init:  fn();
  iph2a: fn(host: string): list of string;
  ipa2h: fn(addr: string): list of string;
  ipn2p: fn(protocol, service: string): string;


Srv provides access to the host operating system's name and address translation when Inferno is running hosted. The module's implementation is usually built-in to emu(1), and then only on some platforms. It uses the Internet name resolution services of the host operating system (eg, gethostbyname on Unix systems). Its services are normally only used internally by cs(8) and dns(8), and even they give priority to data in services(6) and dns(6) if available. Other Inferno applications normally give network addresses to the functions of sys-dial(2), and they are then translated automatically, using the services of cs(8).

Init must be called before any other function is used.

Given a host name, iph2a returns a list of its Internet addresses (if any). Given an Internet address, ipa2h returns a list of host names (if any) that have that address. The results are only as accurate as the host system's name service.

Ipn2p returns the port number (as a string) for the given service when accessed using a particular protocol protocol (typically tcp or udp).




sys-file2chan(2), cs(8), dns(8)

SRV(2 ) Rev:  Thu Feb 15 14:43:27 GMT 2007