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seek - change file offset


include "sys.m";
sys := load Sys Sys->PATH;

seek:  fn(fd: ref FD, off: big, start: int): big;


Seek sets the 64-bit offset for the file associated with fd as follows:

If start is Sys->SEEKSTART, the offset is set to off bytes.

If start is Sys->SEEKRELA, the pointer is set to its current location plus off.

If start is Sys->SEEKEND, the pointer is set to the size of the file plus off.

The new file offset value is returned.

Seeking in a pipe is not allowed. Seeking in a directory is allowed only if the new offset is zero.


sys-intro(2), sys-open(2), bufio(2),

SYS-SEEK(2 ) Rev:  Thu Feb 15 14:43:27 GMT 2007