intro intro - introduction to file servers
9srvfs 9srvfs - add Inferno service to Plan 9 service registry
acme acme - control files for text windows
archfs archfs - mount a mkfs archive
dbfs dbfs, rawdbfs - simple database file system
dossrv dossrv, 9660srv - DOS/Windows and ISO 9660 file systems
export export - export name space on a connection
factotum factotum, feedkey - authentication agent
ftpfs ftpfs - file transfer protocol (FTP) file server
grid-cpu grid: cpu - cpu server resource
import import, 9export - exchange name spaces with a Plan 9 system
iostats iostats - file system to measure I/O
keyfs keyfs - encrypted key storage
keysrv keysrv - secret key server
kfs kfs - disk file system
lockfs lockfs - exclusive access file server
logfile logfile - memory-based append-only circular storage buffer
memfs memfs - mount a heap based filesystem
mntgen mntgen - dynamically generate mount points
namespace namespace - structure of conventional Inferno name space
palmsrv palmsrv - packet link to Palm device on serial connection
ramfile ramfile - synthesise file
registry registry, regquery - registration of services dynamically
spree spree - distributed interactive sessions.
tarfs tarfs - mount tar archive
trfs trfs - translate spaces and other runes in names in a file system
vacfs vacfs - mount venti archive