intro intro - introduction to system configuration and administration, and system utilities
ai2key ai2key, dsagen, rsagen - generate and reformat public keys
applylog applylog, updatelog - log-based updates
bootpd bootpd, tftpd - Internet booting
changelogin changelogin, convpasswd - create/update the password file
collabsrv collabsrv - multi-user collaboration
create create, inst, info - archive or update a file system
createsignerkey createsignerkey - create signer key on authentication server
cs cs, csquery - connection server
dhcp dhcp - configure network interface details using DHCP
dns dns, dnsquery - domain name service
fpgaload fpgaload - configure FPGA
ftl ftl - Flash Translation Layer formatter
getauthinfo getauthinfo - obtain a certificate for authentication
httpd httpd, echo, stats - HTTP server
init init: emuinit, osinit - Inferno initialisation
kfscmd kfscmd - kfs administration
logind logind - login daemon
mangaload mangaload - send new kernel to MANGA bootstrap
manufacture manufacture - command to emulate set-top-box-id in ROM
mkfs mkfs, mkext - archive or update a file system
ping ping - probe the Internet
plumber plumber - plumber for interapplication message routing
prep prep, fdisk, format, mbr - prepare hard and floppy diskettes, flashes
rdbgsrv rdbgsrv - remote debug server
register register - command to register set-top-box identity with signer
rip rip - routing information protocol
rstyxd rstyxd - Styx-based remote execution and file service
shutdown shutdown - shut down system/emulator
signer signer, verify, countersigner - set-top box authentication
sntp sntp - simple network time protocol client
styxchat styxchat - exchange Styx messages with a server or client
styxmon styxmon - monitor a Styx conversation
svc svc: auth, net, registry, rstyx, styx - start Inferno network services
touchcal touchcal - touch screen calibration
virgild virgild - connection service for remote clients