Inferno Plug-in: bounce

A mesmerising 2D bouncing ball demo. Each ball is independently controlled by its own Limbo process. Each ball has its own velocity and its own colour and follows its own trajectory. You can use the mouse to draw lines which the balls will then bounce off. It uses a Tk canvas widget to animate the balls, which allows the code to be quite compact.

Roger Peppe

The following files are used in this sample:
bounce.b (9413 bytes)
bounce.dis (6088 bytes)

Note: files ending in .b are Limbo source; files ending in .dis are the equivalent binary executables.

The HTML code used to display this sample is:

width="400" height="400"
<PARAM name="compile" value="1">
<PARAM name="init" value=" ./bounce.dis 5">
<PARAM name="file1" value="bounce.dis">