Inferno Plug-in: eliza

This is the old Eliza program which was popular in the 1970s. It was ported from Pascal to Limbo in a couple of hours. Tell Eliza your innermost secrets!

The following files are used in this sample:
doctor.b (1197 bytes)
doctor.dis (912 bytes)
eliza.b (5147 bytes)
eliza.dis (2620 bytes)
eliza.m (86 bytes)
response.dat (3326 bytes)

Note: files ending in .b are Limbo source; files ending in .dis are the equivalent binary executables.

The HTML code used to display this sample is:

width="600" height="200"
<PARAM name="init" value="wm/sh -c ./doctor.dis">
<PARAM name="file1" value="doctor.dis">
<PARAM name="file2" value="eliza.dis">
<PARAM name="file3" value="response.dat">