Inferno Plug-in: polyhedra

Polyhedra is an example of a limbo program that can generate images and display them in real time. It reads from a database containing the attributes of a polyhedron and then shows the latter rotating about a fixed axis.

There are various buttons provided which allow the user to move onto the next polyhedron, slow down the rotation, change the axis of rotation and so on.

Polyhedra requires a large data file which is why the download takes a little longer than the other sample programs.

The following files are used in this sample:
polyfill.b (7611 bytes)
polyfill.dis (4298 bytes)
polyfill.m (396 bytes)
polyhedra (106567 bytes)
polyhedra.b (3588 bytes)
polyhedra.dis (2732 bytes)
polyhedra.m (643 bytes)
smenu.b (4143 bytes)
smenu.dis (3157 bytes)
smenu.m (439 bytes)
wmpolyhedra.b (18386 bytes)
wmpolyhedra.dis (12769 bytes)
wmpolyhedra.sbl (23000 bytes)

Note: files ending in .b are Limbo source; files ending in .dis are the equivalent binary executables.

The HTML code used to display this sample is:

width="400" height="400"
<PARAM name="compile" value="1">
<PARAM name="init" value=" ./wmpolyhedra.dis">
<PARAM name="file1" value="wmpolyhedra.dis">
<PARAM name="file2" value="polyfill.dis">
<PARAM name="file3" value="polyhedra.dis">
<PARAM name="file4" value="smenu.dis">
<PARAM name="file5" value="polyhedra">