Inferno Plug-in: reversi

This is a player for the well-known board game - Reversi.

It uses a tree search with alpha-beta pruning to determine its best move according to an evaluation procedure. The skill level may be set for each player and the mode of play may be any one of:

  1. human vs human
  2. human vs machine, or
  3. machine vs machine

Use any mouse button to select a square in which to place your piece.

The following files are used in this sample:
reversi.b (19110 bytes)
reversi.dis (12785 bytes)

Note: files ending in .b are Limbo source; files ending in .dis are the equivalent binary executables.

The HTML code used to display this sample is:

width="300" height="360"
<PARAM name="compile" value="1">
<PARAM name="init" value=" ./reversi.dis">
<PARAM name="file1" value="reversi.dis">