Inferno Plug-in: shell

This is a Unix-like shell in the style of rc. The following available commands might be familiar to Unix users:
cat, cd, chmod, cmp, cp, date, dd, echo, export, grep, kill, lc, ls, mkdir, mv, ps, rm, sh, sleep, tail, wc, xd.

Inferno devices can be found in the file-hierarchy at various places (e.g. /prog (process control), /dev/draw (the display device), /dev miscellaneous devices). The shell as started by default is quite spartan; load std (see sh-std(1) provides more functionality; other loadable shell modules include sh-regex(1), sh-expr(1), sh-string(1), sh-tk(1), sh-file2chan(1) and sh-arg(1).

The HTML code used to display this sample is:

width="600" height="300"
<PARAM name="init" value="wm/sh.dis -i">