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Overview Paper
Bell Labs Plan 9 Site
Hardware Requirements

Printed Manuals (from Vita Nuova)

The Plan 9 printed manual set contains two volumes:
  • a 680 page programmer's manual (with the manual pages); and
  • a 410 page collection of papers and documents describing the operating system, its implementation, its user interface, and the Plan 9 programming environment.

CD image (from Bell Labs)

A Plan 9 CD image can be downloaded from Bell Labs. Once installed, the system can be updated using the Plan 9 on-line update system.

The Plan 9 CD contains all the source code for the Plan 9 kernel, its commands and libraries and many novelties. Kernel source is included for Intel x86, ARM and PowerPC architectures, with pre-built binaries and libraries for Intel x86. Compilers also exist for MIPS, PowerPC, ARM, SPARC and AMD64.

Features included:

  • The Open Source Plan 9 Operating System
  • Source code to the kernel, the programs and the libraries
  • C language cross-compiler suite for 13 processor architectures
  • Unicode character set support throughout the system
  • File-like interfaces to system resources and services
  • A graphics model based on image compositing algebra
  • Rio, the Plan 9 window system
  • Plumbing, a language driven way for applications to communicate
  • Acme - an editor, shell and window system for programmers
  • APE - the ANSI/POSIX emulation environment
  • Sam - a screen editor with structural regular expressions
  • Support for MIME mail messages and IMAP4