intro intro - introduction to file formats
attrdb attrdb - data base of attribute-value pairs
audio audio - Inferno audio file format
auth auth - authentication using station-to-station protocol
colour colour - representation of pixels and colours
dis dis - Dis object file
font font, subfont - external format for character fonts and subfonts
image image - external format for images
json json - javascript object notation
keyboard keyboard - how to type characters
keys keys - secrets shared with signer
keytext keytext - textual form of Inferno public/private keys
login login - key exchange protocol
man man - manual page format
namespace namespace - name space description file
ndb ndb - network data base
plumbing plumbing - plumbing rules
proto proto - file system prototype
regexp regexp, regex - regular expression notation
sbl sbl - symbol table file
scancode scancode - known formats of scan codes
sexprs sexprs - symbolic expressions
translate translate - translation dictionary
ubfa ubfa - universal binary format for data transport
users users - kfs file server user list format
utf UTF, Unicode, ASCII - character set and format