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translate - translation dictionary




A dictionary file provides translation text that applications can access using translate(2). Each is a Unicode file containing a set of translations, one per line, each line having the following syntax:

"source-text" [ (note-text) ] [ ="target-text"  ] 

which defines target-text as the translation for source-text . A missing translation clause defines the identity translation. The optional note-text qualifies the context of the source-text, when the same phrase in the source language might translate to different phrases in the target language, or to distinguish a particular context in the program (eg, particular menus): For example:

"Times"(newspaper) = "La Republicca"
"Times"(timetable) = "L'orario"
"ABC"(keypad) = "abc"

Empty lines and lines beginning with # are ignored. The quoted strings can contain the Limbo escape sequences \n (newline), \t (tab), \r (carriage return), and \\ (backslash).

The default locale is set by binding one or more specific locales onto /locale/dict.



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