Vita Nuova Vita Nuova
Inferno - Manual pages in Section 2, indexed by subject

(prepared by Alex Efros)
  1. Process / IPC
  2. Date / Time
  3. Data structures
  4. Data conversion
  5. Data format
  6. File format / Database
  7. I/O
  8. Path names and file system operations
  9. Styx
  10. Network
  11. Math
  12. Misc
  13. Spree (distributed interactive sessions)
  14. Security
  15. Graphics and User Interfaces
   Process / IPC
arg arg - parse program arguments
command command - command interface
debug debug - process debugging
env env - environment module
exception exception - Exception module
itslib itslib - test library
lock lock - thread locking.
plumbmsg plumbmsg - plumbing message module
prof profile - profiling library
sh Sh - module interface to the shell
sys-pctl pctl - process control
sys-pipe pipe - create an interprocess channel
wait wait - wait for child process to exit
   Date / Time
daytime daytime: text, filet, gmt, local, now, time, tm2epoch - time conversions
sys-millisec millisec - millisecond timer
sys-sleep sleep - delay
timers timers - interval timers
   Data structures
bloomfilter Bloomfilter - Bloom filters
dict dict - list of string pairs
hash hash, HashTable - hash table
sets Sets - sets of non-negative integers
stringinttab stringinttab - string table lookup module
   Data conversion
convcs Convcs, Btos, Stob - character set conversion suite
crc crc - Crc module
encoding Encoding: enc, dec - encoding and decoding of byte arrays as text
filter filter - data processing interface
filter-deflate deflate, inflate - data compression filters
filter-slip slip - SLIP data framing protocol
geodesy geodesy - Geodesy module
ida Ida: Frag, fragment, consistent, reconstruct - information dispersal algorithm
regex regex - regular expression recognizer module
string string: append, drop, in, prefix, quoted, splitl, splitr, splitstrl, splitstrr, take, tobig, toint, tolower, toupper, unquoted - string operations
sys-byte2char byte2char, char2byte - convert between bytes and characters
sys-utfbytes utfbytes - compute UTF length of complete Unicode characters in a UTF byte sequence
sys-tokenize tokenize - split string into words
   Data format
format format - structured data interchange
json json: readjson, writejson, JValue - read, write and represent values in JavaScript Object Notation
rfc822 rfc822 - RFC822 mail format helpers
sexprs Sexprs: Sexp - S-expressions
ubfa ubfa: readubf, writeubf, UValue - read, write and represent values in a UBF(A) data transport encoding
w3c-css w3c-css - cascading style sheet parser
w3c-uris w3c-uris - uniform resource identifiers
w3c-xpointers w3c-xpointers - parser for XPointers framework including XPath
xml xml - XML navigation
   File format / Database
attrdb attrdb - database of attribute-value pairs
cfg Cfg, Record, Tuple, Attr - configuration file parser
csv csv - comma-separated values
dis dis - read Dis object files
dbm Dbm: Dbf, init - data base with hashed indexing
fsproto FSproto: readprotofile, readprotostring - read file system prototype file
palmfile Palmfile: Categories, DBInfo, Doc, Entry, Pfile, Record - read Palmâ„¢ file formats
registries registries - access services registry
translate translate: opendict, opendicts, mkdictname - translation dictionaries
bufio bufio, bufiofill - buffered input/output module
bufio-chanfill bufio: chanfill - buffered I/O interface to named channel
diskblocks Diskblocks: Block, Disk, tempfile - temporary storage of variable-sized blocks
sys-print print, aprint, fprint, sprint - print formatted output
sys-read read, write, pread, pwrite, stream - read or write file
sys-seek seek - change file offset
complete complete - file name completion
names Names: basename, cleanname, dirname, elements, isprefix, pathname, relative, rooted - file name manipulation
filepat filepat: expand, match - file pattern matching
newns newns - build a new name space from a description file
readdir readdir - read directory and sort files
sys-bind bind, mount, unmount - change file name space
sys-chdir chdir - change working directory
sys-dirread dirread - read directory
sys-dup dup, fildes - duplicate an open file descriptor
sys-fd2path fd2path - return file name associated with file descriptor
sys-open open, create - open a file for reading or writing, create file
sys-remove remove - remove a file
sys-stat fstat, fwstat, stat, wstat - get and put file status
workdir workdir - get the current working directory
styx Styx: Rmsg, Tmsg, dir2text, istmsg, packdir, packdirsize, readmsg, qid2text, unpackdir - interface to Styx file protocol
styxconv styxconv - convert between old and new Styx
styxpersist styxpersist - persistent Styx connection
styxservers styxservers - Styx server implementation assistance
styxservers-nametree Styxservers: nametree - hierarchical name storage for use with Styxservers.
sys-export export - export a name space
sys-fauth fauth - set up authentication on a file descriptor to a file server
sys-file2chan file2chan - create file connected to Limbo channel
sys-fversion fversion - initialize Styx connection and negotiate version
sys-iounit iounit - return size of atomic I/O unit for file descriptor
dhcpclient Dhcpclient: Bootconf, Lease, bootp, dhcp, applycfg, removecfg - client's side of dynamic host configuration protocol
ether ether - Ethernet address manipulation
ip IP - Internet Protocol addresses and interfaces
pop3 pop3 - Post Office Protocol
smtp smtp - Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
srv srv - network name and address translation when hosted
sys-dial announce, dial, listen - make network connections
tftp tftp - Trivial File Transfer Protocol
venti Venti - access to Venti content-addressed filestore.
virgil virgil - pose question to name resolver
math-0intro Math: intro - elementary numerics
math-elem Math: cbrt, sqrt, pow, pow10, hypot, exp, expm1, log, log10, log1p, cos, cosh, sin, sinh, tan, tanh, acos, asin, acosh, asinh, atan, atanh, atan2, lgamma, erf, erfc, j0, j1, y0, y1, jn, yn - elementary functions of applied mathematics
math-export Math: export_int, export_real, export_real32, import_int, import_real, import_real32 - conversion to and from external representation
math-fp math-fp - floating point
math-linalg Math: dot, norm1, norm2, iamax, gemm, sort - linear algebra primitives
rand rand - pseudo random number generation
security-random random: randomint, randombuf - random number generation
0intro intro - introduction to Limbo modules for the Inferno system
alphabet-intro Alphabet - experimental typed shell
disks disks: Disk, PCpart, readn, chstext - generic disk and partition interface
scsiio ScsiIO: Scsi - SCSI device operations
sys-0intro Sys: intro - introduction to the
sys-self SELF - reference self as a compatible module type
sys-werrstr werrstr - set the system error string
spree Spree - distributed interactive sessions.
spree-allow Allow - filter client actions
spree-cardlib Cardlib - support for card games in Spree engines.
spree-gather Gatherengine - module interface for pre-assembled groups.
spree-objstore Objstore - support for object archiving in Spree engines.
asn1 asn1: decode, encode - ASN.1 (X.208), BER (X.209) encoding
factotum Factotum: mount, proxy, rpc - client interface to factotum
keyring-0intro Keyring intro - introduction to the
keyring-auth keyring: auth, readauthinfo, writeauthinfo - authenticate a connection
keyring-certtostr keyring: certtostr, pktostr, sktostr, strtocert, strtopk, strtosk - encryption key conversion functions
keyring-crypt keyring: aessetup, aescbc, dessetup, descbc, desecb, ideasetup, ideacbc, ideaecb - data encryption
keyring-gensk keyring: genSK, genSKfromPK, sktopk, dhparams - generate keys
keyring-getmsg keyring: getmsg, sendmsg, senderrmsg - send and receive messages on undelimited streams
keyring-getstring keyring: getstring, putstring, getbytearray, putbytearray, puterror - exchange data on delimited streams
keyring-ipint keyring: IPint - `infinite' precision integer utility functions
keyring-rc4 keyring: rc4setup, rc4, rc4skip, rc4back - RC4 encryption
keyring-sha1 keyring: sha1, md4, md5, hmac_sha1, hmac_md5, sign, verify - cryptographic digests and digital signatures
keyset keyset - find authentication keys matching a signer
secstore secstore - fetch data from Plan 9's secure storage service
security-0intro intro - introduction to security
security-auth Auth: init, client, server - authenticated connections between client and server
security-login login - verify credentials
security-ssl ssl: connect, secret - interface to the Secure Sockets Layer
spki SPKI: Cert, Hash, Key, Name, Seqel, Signature, Subject, Toplev, Valid - simple public key infrastructure
spki-verifier verifier: verify - verify sequence of SPKI elements
   Graphics and User Interfaces
devpointer devpointer - I/O interface for the pointer device
dialog dialog: prompt, getstring - basic dialog boxes
dividers Dividers - user-draggable tk dividing bars
draw-0intro draw - basic graphics facilities module
draw-context Context - graphics environment
draw-display Display - connection to draw device
draw-example draw: example - simple program illustrating image primitives
draw-font Font - character images for Unicode text
draw-image Image - pictures and drawing
draw-point Point - coordinate position
draw-pointer Pointer - state of a pointer device such as a mouse
draw-rect Rect - rectangular portion of the plane
draw-screen Screen - windows and subwindows on a display
drawmux drawmux - multiplex stream of draw requests
imagefile imagefile: readgif, readjpg, readpicfile, readpng, readxbitmap, remap - processing external image file formats
ir ir - infrared remote control module
mpeg mpeg - interface to the mpeg device driver
popup Popup: mkbutton, changebutton, event, add - popup list box pseudo-widget
prefab-0intro Prefab: intro - Interactive TV tookit
prefab-compound prefab: Compound - windows for ITV toolkit
prefab-element prefab: Element - menu and display elements for ITV toolkit
prefab-environ prefab: Environ - environment for ITV toolkit to provide a graphics framework for a collection of items
prefab-style prefab: Style - fonts and colours for ITV toolkit
print Print - printing system
pslib pslib - postscript generation
selectfile selectfile - file browser
tabs tabs: mktabs, tabsctl - tabbed notebook pseudo-widget
tk Tk: toplevel, namechan, cmd, pointer, keyboard, imageget, imageput, quote - graphics toolkit
tkclient tkclient: makedrawcontext, toplevel, onscreen, startinput, wmctl, settitle, handler, snarfput, snarfget - window manager interface for Tk applications.
volume volume - volume control for an infrared interface
wmclient wmclient: makedrawcontext, window, snarfput, snarfget - window manager interface for Draw-based applications.
wmlib wmlib - low level access to window manager
wmsrv Wmsrv - core window-manager functionality and helper functions